Firstly I would like to clear a few 'things' up...wherever I refer to 'us' throughout the website I am actually refering to myself and the little creative folk that live inside my head. I may also be referring to my best friend Danielle who often comes to help out when I think I simply can't get everything done and I am definitely referring to my wonderful Mum who may aswell set up camp at the local post office as I send her there with various goodies on a daily basis! Last but not least I am referring to Oscar the cat who often tolerates me petting him and likes to bite at my legs when I'm doing really delicate work!

Phew! Now that's all cleared up lets get to the serious stuff!

'Simply Lovely' designs and creates beautiful hand made cards, gifts and stationery. All the products can be personalised and a custom design service is also available - often making each card or stationery set unique.

I love to create something that is of exceptional quality, with the finest materials I can get my hands on and make products that are super luxurious! I'm passionate about design for print and as a qualified Graphic Designer the greetings card and stationery industry allows me to marry my love of print and design with gemstones and ribbons!

'Simply Lovely' was created in 2011 - having being made redundant at the end of the year I took the opportunity to follow my passion for design and started developing my brand and customer base. Using Facebook and other social networking sites I wanted to 'test the waters' and ascertain whether there would be enough interest in my design style and ethos...lucky for me, so far the response and feedback has been fantastic.

I love, love LOVE what I do and really hope you do too! Here's hoping 'Simply Lovely' continues to grow... Vicci xx